Design your own Sitting-ball!

What is so special about our Sitting-balls?

You are a health-conscious individual who akes care of your close ones

You like to surround yourself with objects that are distinct and unique

You value the harmony of functionality and beauty combined

They are hygienic

They will add an element of decor to your home or work space

They are Fun! Personalized! Colorful!

About us

Magda and Karolina – we are two friends who value individuality and creativity. We came together as a team to create and produce designs that you and your loved ones are sure to love just as much as we do.

Why choose our products?


We all wish for a healthy spine.


We only use high-quality materials to cover our sitting-balls, durable polyester and polyester covered in leather.


All our shipment packaging is sustainable, which reflects our respect towards you and nature.


Proper maintenance will help keep your KIKAM products last a long time.